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Introducing a Ci Experience to You in Yorkshire.

Your travelling companions here at Ci just love a cheeky visit to you gorgeous chaps in Yorkshire every now and again… just so you know!


As I’m sure all of you lovely ladies and gents know that all of us girls in the Ci books are naughty by nature and adventurous in spirit.
So, as much as we love exploring the beautiful Cheshire landscape, checking into the gorgeous hotels and winding our way down country lanes to visit our gents, we  also cover and like to discover many many other wonderful locations!
Many of our ladies enjoy trips over to Liverpool, Lancashire and many have crossed the border into Wales and even Edinburgh! One very lucky lady is even looking forward to going away on holiday abroad to catch some summer sun with her favourite man!
As glamorous as the sunny climes of Edinburgh, Liverpool and Wales sound we ladies are not adverse to visiting Yorkshire every now and then either.
Personally speaking, I do love a thick Yorkshire accent and I don’t get to meet you guys nearly as much as I would like to so hopefully I can entice a few of you to dial our (my) number!
Being the most reputable company in the North West means surely, we can extend our hand and our hearts to the Yorkshire and Humber region and offer you our 100% professional and discreet service which encompasses all aspects from the way we handle your request and and seek to find the best possible escort for your experience, but also in the way that we expect our ladies to behave including being punctual, polite, charismatic and of course as sexy as hell!
We offer incredibly competitive rates alongside a great range of top escorts and what’s more is that you make a huge saving if you book for 2 hours in advance . This massive saving usually covers any additional small travel charge with enough left over for a bottle of wine to really enjoy your date with! You can’t say fairer than that!
Our ladies are more than delighted to travel to Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Halifax and so on where we can listen to those sexy accents all night long if you’ll let us! If you’re not sure about our travel rates then all you have to do is call and we will give you a quote there and then as well as give you our personal recommendations to find the right lady for you and your requirements from our available today or available tonight list.
We have so many ladies on our books to entice you and we regularly update our pictures of our ladies as we have so much fun going to the photo shoots! We cater for every taste and can direct you to our hottest range of elite companions, mature, blonde, enhanced, red heads, natural, young, petite or full figured women. So now, you’ve been drooling over your favourite photos from our gallery, there’s now only one way to make the magic happen and that’s to call us and speak to us in HQ.

So come on, give Ci a try!

With love from Imogen and all in the Ci office.

Nowt more Yorkshire than these two ;)

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