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Choose a Companion for your Oktoberfest

There are few things in this world that unite the majority of men, this includes the love of a good woman, football chat and good old beer.
You guys who log on to look at our mega selection of ladies regularly will know that we score highly on one out of your three essentials so there is no need to tell you all about our superb elite ladies, mature, busty or whatever your type and instead its October so you can most probably guess what today’s blog is about?


Yes you got it in one – It’s Oktoberfest!



I do myself love a beer or two and Oktoberfest is always an amazing way to sample and celebrate some beautiful Bavarian beers without too much guilt… it is a festival after all!
Celebrated World wide it seems to be obvious that Oktoberfest happens in October, right? Well yes kind of. Although our modern day piss ups in the name of this Austrian tradition are scheduled to happen this year between the 18th – 22nd October in Manchester, 6-9th in Leeds and the 14th in Chester, it wasn’t always this way.

Originating in 1810, the tradition of Oktoberfest would run from mid September up until the first Sunday of October and was first introduced to mark the marriage between King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.  This new power couple, high on love and life invited the citizens of Munich to join them on their special day in front of the Royal Gates with extravagant displays and horse racing events which together combined with a festival for the whole of Bavaria.

As everyone had such an amazing time on this occasion, the happy couple decided to do the same thing the following year and the year after that and the year after that. In just 8 years the festivities had grown to include amusements such as carousals and swings and of course that delicious sweet amber nectar!


Ci Manchester Escorts Oktoberfest
So there you have it, Oktoberfest started off thanks to a Royal union and a generous couple of folks who wanted to spread their good fortune and today, Oktoberfest is celebrating its 207th year and in 2016 5.9 million joined in in Munich alone consuming a collective 6 million litres of beer!
I’m not quite sure of the pints that us in Cheshire managed to get down our necks in 2016 but I’m sure that we did it in style!

Now not all of our companions in the office would love to talk about beer for an entire weekend, there are definitely some who would (me! me!), and if a whole weekend of boozing gives you a hangover at the mere thought then why not invite your preferred lady to meet you down the pub, enjoy a gorgeous creamy Edelweiss while you gaze into those sexy big dark eyes who you have all to yourself for the next hour or two.

Get dialling for your sexy companion to come and make your bratwurst sizzle and those pretzels ping, or you know just have a good bit of Oktoberfest – fun together!

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