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All across UK offices right now we will be seeing a tawdry display of ugly ironic all singing all dancing jingly jangly jumpers.

To this day, I have been very proud of the fact that I have owned none of those novelty jumpers, not the type with lights, red noses, glitter or ‘bah humbug’ or other such witty phrases borrowed from pop culture emblazoned across the chest.

There is one style of Wintery knit which I do quite like and this is the traditional fair isle style jumper which features bands of geometric patterns.

Although we may think of these colourful cardigans as traditional garb here, they were actually developed in the 1890’s in Scandinavia and Iceland specifically for fisherman.
These fisherman’s threads were originally hand knitted, and made to be super heavy, extremely durable and very very warm indeed. The patterns which circled the body of the jumper would be designed in distinctive patterns and it’s believed that this was to help identify a body if found drowned at sea.
The Scandi style became more popular once Skiers took to the warm jumpers and created similar geometric patterns influenced by the alpine landscape. As the sport of skiing developed during the 20th century and pop culture from the 60’s onwards saw Christmas advertising go down a more relaxed route with family opting to wear informal cosy knits rather than Sunday best outfits in big brand marketing campaigns the Christmas jumper reached new heights!


With this steady increase in popularity, means that pretty quickly all levels of taste were invited to the Christmas party and the Xmas novelty jumper transformed from something you would sheepishly wear to make Grandma proud to an item of wear that (according to George in Asda) one in 5 of us own!
If you’re like me and without an ugly Christmas jumper, then there’s a good possibility that you’re be feeling the cold a bit. If the shivers have set in already then don’t fear as we have the perfect remedy for you during the yuletide season without resorting to reaching for that putrid pullover!


The symptom: chilly.
The cure:  a classy Ci escort knocking on your door!

That’s right, within 60 minutes or so you could be cured with a hot passionate lady who is ready willing and able to take away the cold yet still give you the shivers down your spine!
Call us now on 0161 876 0280 and let us tell you all about or gorgeous and glamorous girls who are available in our gallery and who could be the best thing to get the blood pumping this Christmas!




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