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Cheeky Cheshire Escorts for a Naughty November

There really isn’t another month in the year which I love as much as November. It is the month when the skies are drawing in and the dark descends quicker and quicker thus giving us plenty of nighttime hours for mischief and mayhem.

It’s not just the dark that makes this my favorite time of year, but also, there seems to be something in the air: It gets cooler, crisper, and a little mistier, and yet the stars shine brighter and feel like it is both romantic and a little bit illicit all at once.

Let’s not forget the beautiful November aroma from Guy Fawkes night and beyond. All of those bonfires across the UK that burn brightly and link us from past to present in an old tradition that will never cease and the light will never go out.

All the heat and excitement of November gets all of our ladies fired up for some passionate encounters during this amorous Autumnal month I’m absolutely positive that the heat turns up to record levels for many of our clients as the phones seem to be ringing off the hook during this time of the year.

As a lady who enjoys playing out during the week as well as the weekends, take it from me that there is something very special about meeting a gentleman for a long date, to really take your time and relax in each other’s company. I think that my idea of a perfect date would be to meet at your hotel room, have a glass of prosecco, and then have a lovely long stroll down to wander amongst the bonfire night crowds, maybe munch on a cheeky hot dog and nibble on some sweet candy floss and write silly things in the air with sparklers. We may have a warming mug of hot chocolate with a whisky chaser before we head off back to your abode and cozy up under a snuggly warm blanket while we take our time getting a little bit more comfortable.


Call up now and ask us for a naughty November match from our amazing selection of ladies in the gallery as all of our receptionists are more than happy to help you in finding your ideal lady for your perfect date, or alternatively, if you’re a hot little vixen wanting to join our books then click here to apply.

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