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Introducing a Ci Experience to You in Yorkshire.

Your travelling companions here at Ci just love a cheeky visit to you gorgeous chaps in Yorkshire every now and again… just so you know!   As I’m sure all of you lovely ladies and gents know that all of us girls in the Ci books are naughty by nature and adventurous in spirit. So,… Read more »

What do you look for in your Perfect Lady?

When selecting the perfect lady which you would like to spend time with, we understand that you have to take a lot of individual aspects into consideration. In this cheeky little Friday blog, I’m going to talk about the different varieties of ladies we are lucky enough to have here at CI Manchester  (Who’re all… Read more »

SEX up your Summer Solstice with these Saucy Stunners !

      It really didn’t seem so long ago that we were celebrating the start of 2017, watching the New Years Eve fireworks and singing Auld Lang Sang drunkenly… but it was half a year ago already and it’s Summer!! Yey!! How time flies by when you have as much fun as we do… Read more »

We ❤️ Manchester 🐝

How amazing is the City of Manchester? Here at CI we are definitely feeling the love.   After recent events that have rocked our beautiful city we could not be any more proud in how everyone has come together in time of need.   Two weeks after the terror attack the One Love Manchester Concert… Read more »

It’s June already?!

Hello gents!  Hope you are all well and have had a good week. It’s my favorite day of the week, which means its Friday and my fave month of the year – June!  Another week has come and gone and now its time to unwind and enjoy the weekend!  Am I the only person in… Read more »

Sun is Shining and we are looking for new girls!!

Hi there girls, how are we feeling… let me guess – is it HOT HOT HOT? It’s impossible not to notice the glorious sun that is shining down here in Manchester and we are all getting super excited about the summer months and where we’ll be spending our holidays! Talking of spending, what do you… Read more »

Are bank holiday treats in store ????

Hi everyone, do you have plans for the next coupe of weeks ? are you nipping off for a family bank hols break? If so then i’m sure you deserve a sexy liaison with one of our gorgeous CI girls . So why not treat yourself , give our friendly receptionists a call and they… Read more »

Easter Bunnies, Eggs, Holidays!!!!!

Its coming – the holiday season. Lots of family dinners and Easter egg hunts. Here at Ci, we like to do it a little differently!? A little more adult shall we say! So why not get yourself prepared for all that frivolity by spending some cheeky grown up time with us. It will help you… Read more »

Does sun make everyone as horny as me?

Hello Gentlemen,   Hope you’re all well and have had a lovely day in the sun.  Sun always tends to make me feel so naughty, must be the extra vitamin D ;).  Don’t forget the clocks go forward an hour at 2am tonight, it will be so lovely to have longer days again!  I think… Read more »

Our Ladies have the Luck Of The Irish

We have the some fabulous new ladies this week who definitely seem to have not only the the Looks but the Luck of the Irish too!   Holly (22 years) – Simply gorgeous, new and totally fresh. She has a sweet cheeky look and is as pretty as a picture with long blonde hair and… Read more »